Callback widget

You can install this widget at your website. It analyzes the behavior of your visitors and offers them a callback within 27 seconds increasing the chances of selling your product or service.


In your panel, you can monitor the statistics of calls, new customers, the effectiveness of the call center and incoming calls.


View all calls with the ability to listen to call records.


Control your customers and segment their level of loyalty to your company.

Agent analytics

Analyze the effectiveness of work of your agents.


- You set the widget code to your website. Once a potential customer leaves you his phone number and click on Call me button, Pulsar system calls and connects him in 27 seconds to the first free manager.

- The widget increases the number of calls and does not allow customer to leave your website.

- When you answer the call, the voice system will inform you about it.

- You can specify more than one number to receive incoming calls and set up dial-up script (consistent / parallel).
Under script «Consistent»: if the number of the first employee is busy, our service calls the next free manager from the list of numbers you have specified.
Under script «Parallel»: call goes simultaneously on all numbers mentioned and connects with the manager who answers the call first.

- After hours the widget works in the night mode, offering visitors to write a letter or to order a call at an appropriate time the next business day.

- Yes, in the section Call statistics you can find all information on the calls and listen to the call recording at any time.

- You can add these numbers to the blacklist and they will not be able to call you anymore.

- We take only the monthly payment for the service itself according to the tariff plan. You should buy minutes to pay for the calls additionally from a service provider at cost.

- You can order and pay for the time for calls in your personal Pulsar account.If you make an initial payment, you will receive from us a gift of $5 for the tariff plan “Company” and $15 for the tariff plan “Corporation” on your personal account.
Here is the link where you can see call prices: Call prices

- Call billing starts from the moment when one of the subscribers picks up the phone. You pay for two subscribers.
Call billing is per minute and seconds are rounded to minutes.

1. A visitor has to enter his phone number in the widget form and wait 27 seconds until system connects him with the free manager.
2. All calls are free.
3. No need for him to search for the contacts on the website and wait on the line for an answer.
4. In order to write a message to the website operator, a visitor can do it in the same widget form, it is enough to ask his question and email.
5. Callback order at an appropriate time.

- 90% of visitors of a website just leave it for various reasons. The widget encourages visitors to get advice from an expert right now.
Service automates the flow of calls and requests from your website, leads analytics of calls and KPI of your employees via the built-in CRM.

- You need to create an account, to indicate phone numbers to receive calls and use the widget creation wizard.
You need to copy and paste the resulting code before the closing tag / body.

- Yes, it takes it into account. The system automatically identifies the region of the customer and if at the time of a call request there are off hours in your region, a customer will be able to choose an appropriate time for a call taking into account your business day.

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