In order to connect the callback button, you need to use the setup wizard, which consists of 6 simple steps

Step 1:

Add the website address to which the callback widget will be connected. Specify the phone number of your company that will be displayed to your customers with an automatic callback.

Step 2:

The choice of employees who will answer calls on this widget. To make them appear in the list, you need to add them in the Agents section first.

Step 3:

Choose the time zone of your location. Indicate the working days and hours of your company. If the website visitor decides to order a callback in the evening or on the day off, the system will ask him to order a call during working hours based on your list.

Step 4:

Select the agents who will receive the email via the feedback form. You can also add an email of any employee who is not added to the Pulsar system.

Step 5:

The choice of voice (robot) who will say the welcome text on a successful call. Selecting the dialer script to the agent: Consecutive: the dialing will go in turn according to the list of agents or Parallel: the call goes to all the agents at once. Offer your customer to subscribe or make a unique offer. To do this, you have to specify a link to the web page where the system redirects a customer after a successful call. Customize the popup to improve the conversion of your website, you can insert your text into the window up to 100 characters or leave the field blank indicating the number of seconds when it will appear and offer the visitor of the website to order a call. If you do not need this option, you can turn it off.

Step 6:

Choose an option for displaying the Option 1 widget (in the middle) or Option 2 (on the right side). Specify the button color for the style of your website, the size and placement on the website. The welcome text of the popup can be changed to your own. To see in the preview pop-up window, click on the widget button You can place the received code on the website by yourself or send an email to your programmer.

Adding leads - after each call, an automatic creation of a lead card takes place where you can enter the transaction details. There is a possibility to manually add or edit customers.

History of calls - if the customer orders a callback more than once, the whole history is recorded in the CRM. To view the information, you need to go to the card that interests you and click the History of calls button.

Recording of conversations - for each call there is a recording of a conversation, you can listen and make conclusions about how well your agent works and resolve controversial issues.

Adding an employee - To start receiving calls from your customers, you must connect your agents first. Please note that the number of employees added depends on your tariff plan. Recently, the function of adding a profile photo in gif format was implemented, it's very cool, because you can attract the attention of visitors to the website using „live photos”.

Agent’s Office - for each agent, you create a separate cabinet with a username / password that you specify. Once you add it to the system, send an email to the agent's mail with his login information.

Efficiency of work - in your account you can see on the graph how well your employees work, who have how many successful / missed / unsuccessful calls.

Test access - after the first registration in the system you get free use of the service for 14 days. After expiration of the term, your account is blocked.

Changing the tariff plan - in order to change the tariff plan, you must click the Change plan button and pay with your card, if you had the current plan action, the new one makes a full update of the previous tariff.

Phone balance - Replenished separately for any amount, you pay the tariffs for calls at the cost of the phone operator. You can see the cost of calls by downloading the Call prices file.

Phone Numbers - you can restrict yourself from people you don’t want to speak with, just add his phone number and the service will not call him back.

IP addresses - if you do not want the widget to be displayed for example to your competitors or other websites, add their IP addresses to the black list.

Time Zone - In order to receive call time data and other analytics, you need to select your location.

Notifications to the mail - you can configure the receipt of data by email about all your successful / missed / unsuccessful calls.

Pulsar widget offers a quick connection for the website visitors on the choice: a phone call, a call order at convenient time, a ticket creation or chat communication via Facebook messenger. You can respond to messages from your customers from a Facebook Messenger directly from Slack. In addition, you can add your team to this chat and they will also be able to process messages with a large flow of requests.

Slack application provide a bridge between Facebook Messenger and you Slack account. It create additional channel for your team and when somebody write a message through Pulsar widget its appears in your Slack account as new message in this channel.

And when you answer in this new channel, messages fly back to Messenger. So you can discuss anything from your Slack account as simple as from Facebook Messenger

Slack application workflow

To link your Pulsar widget with Slack account your need to do 4 steps

Step 1:

Sign into your Pulsar account, navigate to Widgets and click Edit on widget you wish to connect.

Step 1. Edit widget

Step 2:

On 1st step click Add to Slack button

Step 2. Add to Slack button

Step 3:

To install all features, Slack application need special access to your account, so your must grant access to your account at next step.

Step 3. Authorize Slack application

Step 4:

If your agree to share required data, click Authorize button and proceed to next step.
Remember, that you're always can revoke granted permissions and remove app from your account.

Step 4. Success message

Synchronization with Zendesk automatically creates new tickets for requests from your clients sent through the Pulsar (Email Us) widget and allows you to answer them directly from your personal cabinet in Zendesk. This integration allows you to improve the response speed and the quality of service for your customers.

To link your Pulsar widget with Zendesk account your need to do next steps

Step 1

Install Pulsar application from Zendesk App Directory

Step 2

Sign in to your Pulsar account, open widget you wish to connect (or create new)

Step 2. Edit widget

Step 3

Navigate to Finish tab, pay attention to SOURCE CODE section and line pulsar_code= This is your widget number, remember it.

Step 3. Copy widget code

Step 4

In your Zendesk account go to Admin > Channels > Channel integration, click on Pulsar application

Step 4. Setup Zendesk app 1

Step 5

Click Accounts, then Add account

Step 5. Setup Zendesk app 2

Step 6

Enter some name for account and Pulsar widget code from step 3. Save settings

Step 6. Save settings

Thats all

Account created and your widget connected with Zendesk account. When somebody writes a message through widget, this message appears in Zendesk as new ticket. When you answering, your message will be send directly to user mailbox.

Step 7. Finish

Pulsar plugin for Wordpress allows you to install the widget to your website without programming skills.

To install plugin follow that steps:

Step 1

Sign in to your Wordpress site dashboard and open Plugin installation page

Step 2

Search for Pulsar plugin, click Install, then Activate

Step 3

When plugin installed, you will be redirected to plugin list. Click Settings

Step 4

Now sign in the Pulsar account, go to the Widget page, open widget to connect. (в кабинете ошибка в английском варианте. Вставить это предложение)

Step 5

Copy Source code

Step 6

Paste code in textarea, check „Enable script on site”, save changes

Thats all

Widget will appears on your site and fully functional.

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